Robert Domaradzki

Photographer from Coventry, UK

I dont`t like talking about myself, I prefer when the photos speak for me, it`s then that describe my personality. That`s why I will cut it to the more important things, which are inspiring me and are guing my life some meaning. Privately I am husband to a very patient women, and a father to a wonderfull little princess. Its them that give me motivation to my everyday life, and in this I am trying to make it happen, if I am even able to.


Paulina Kowalewska

"An Amazing Cooperation, the photographs are done with passion and with a lot of patients (my kids really enjoyed the session with Mr Robert) the effect of this are the beautiful photos. An amazing memory and they ware also used as a amazing gift "

Marcin Szczepańczyk

Strong profesionalism, in every way the cooperation with Mr Robertis a pleasure which has bean going on for nearly two years. The photos and the quality is outstanding he has a perfect communication with the costumer, individual approach to client and valuable advice. Fast turnaround time is not the only one from the cooperation with Mr Robert. I recommend and thank you for the nace teamwork"

Justyna Rupar

 "I strongly recommend the photos done by Mr Robert, they are beautiful, they will by a very good memeory. " -

Katarzyna & Nelutu Bucur

"Very happy with our wedding pictures :) Robert was extremely patient and very helpful, open to any suggestions :)We would definitely recommend.  Very hard working and creativ. I love every single picture. Thank you Robert."

Klaudia Łuksińska model

Amazing pictures and the best atmosphere,
I have enjoyed the photo shoot a lot!
I would highly recommend working with Robert to anyone.
Thank you

Dominika Dmitroca model

"Super session and a great photographer! I am very pleased! "

Behind the scenes

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